The Urban Dictionary guide to intercourse: mopeds, porb and arms that are awkward

Ah, spooning … but be cautious about ‘awkward supply’.

T listed here are instructors and parents for the known facts of life. For the fiction, it is the Urban Dictionary. Developed in 1999 by Aaron Peckham, who had been then simply a student that is first-year your website permits anyone to include a term or expression of contemporary slang along side its definition. There is a modifying procedure, not a lot of one, and thus urbandictionary now contains an incredible number of entries on some the planet’s minimum discussable techniques and problems – many intimate, & most of the made-up.

Whether anyone in real world has received both the skill therefore the inclination to “poopsterbate”, as an example, needs to be a case of some question, inspite of the assurances of ShawnB that their buddy Daniel “is truly a chronic poopsterbater”. Nonetheless you need to provide Shawn, or maybe Daniel, some credit with regards to their inventiveness. The next therefore is an array of the milder intimate terms that are present in the Urban Dictionary. Some you may recognise. The remainder should not be tried in the home.

abc intercourse

This defines sex that is conventional for when, but of a sort that only happens on wedding wedding anniversaries, birthdays as well as xmas.

embarrassing arm

Whenever two different people decide to try any kind of cuddling in the “spoons” arrangement, the party that is rear ultimately ends up by having an “awkward arm”, which, wherever they place it, are going to be crushed beneath one human body or perhaps one other. “It frequently results in arms that are wishing be drawn down and then place right back on afterward,” says lilyrandall. Especially made beds with supply holes inside them could be a far more solution that is practical.

booty grazing

You are without doubt currently knowledgeable about the idea of a “booty call”. (just in case you’re perhaps perhaps not: it is telephoning some body urgently, usually belated at evening, so that you can have intercourse using them.) Booty grazing is actually the same provided an even more approach that is industrial. It really is, as jscilz describes: “The work of mass texting a message that is generic users of the alternative intercourse in hopes that the guaranteed in full hookup for the evening is likely to be founded.” Getting numerous volunteers is a danger you’re going to have to simply just just take.

Moped … nearly that which you think. Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian


The “furry” community adults that are want to dress up as pets and revel in on their own in a variety of ways – gets described extensively, rather than extremely sympathetically, in the Urban Dictionary. A furrbie, nonetheless, is probably too sympathetic. This, once the meaning describes, is somebody who “likes to own intercourse with somebody dressed up in a costume” that is mascot-type.

fur seat

To obtain a fur saddle is usually to be cursed, or simply endowed in certain eyes, by a covering of hair that travels most of the way through the tailbone towards the navel in a consistent band that is pubic.


The smallest amount of person that is attractive you would certainly be prepared to have sexual intercourse with. The title originates from the known undeniable fact that mopeds are evidently fun to drive but embarrassing become seen on.

To porb is to mistype the expressed word”porn” into an internet search engine, note that your message “porb” is noted on the Urban Dictionary, go through the website website link and see the meaning, which comes to an end using the terms ” So Now you might be looking over this.” A masterpiece by liferdown here, justly recognised with increased than 9,000 thumbs up.


A person who exaggerates their intimate exploits.

having to pay tribute

Often, an individual struggles to have sexual intercourse utilizing the individual they would choose first – commonly because see your face doesn’t wish to – they could instead make an image of this individual their second option. This really is referred to as “paying tribute”.


Whenever you choose, carrying out a breakup, to push out the memory of the previous partner by quickly making love with somebody else, this will be called a sexercism.


Very nearly a main-stream practice, to evaluate through the entries that are many your website which cover the topic, but tough to explain delicately. Why don’t we simply say it really is a form of fellation that goes the additional handful of miles. One thing concerning the real method that teabags are dunked in cups provides the title.

Twitter bang

Sex with somebody ahead of the both of you have actually exchanged 140 terms. Most likely it isn’t a sign that is good you have been counting.