These are dudes. We saw the Musician final Saturday (therefore a week ago) and I also made a massive hash from it.

Things with us have been pretty clear for me. Just What he’s capable of providing and the thing I should expect. We haven’t been content with that, but I’ve mostly been reconciled. Yet, final week-end, we pressed only a little in which he freaked the f—k away. Dude. We don’t want to marry you! But, yeah, I don’t wish to marry him, why couldn’t I leave good enough alone? He stated he previously to consider him alone about it and I’ve left. Ok, we texted him a celebratory pic once the hockey group won their playoff game because he’s a fan—but that is big ended up being it. He didn’t respond (expected) and we won’t be too astonished from him again if I never hear. Possibly it is to find the best.

The rest. is okay. I’ve been averagely effective in the office. I’m in an improved mood. I’m experiencing strong despite the fact that We have all those small aches and problems. I have to make the pet for dental hygiene, i wish to look at the bike-fitter. it is all likely to take place.

Grateful for : brand new good practices.


A lot of promises that are false myself! Okay, i am irritation to keep in touch with some body about two things and FB simply won’t cut it for confessions about my absolute ineptitude at the job. Yes, we exaggerate. Mostly i will be perhaps not working. I do a reasonably good job when I work, it’s fine. The remainder time, we just sit looking at my screen struggling to stop distracting myself with articles, videos, and FB. Used to do most likely get yourself a hour that is solid of done today. That is one thing. We roll in belated. I wish to keep early. We often stay late and continue being unproductive. Additionally, i’d like to see some publications. But I would personally additionally want to knit watching television. Or have the television on while we perform a stupid game on my phone. Providing one solitary thing my focus is quite difficult. I’m biking a great deal. The other day, about 50 kilometers. Week before, 80 kilometers! 80 ended up being a great deal and I also ended up being extremely exhausted the week that is following. This i’m aiming for 50 week. Then possibly we will build up to 80, then 100! I am able to do 20 kilometers in one day without too damage that is much that will be good. I am with this kick considering that the start of year, once I did a challenge to drive at the very least a mile per day from Jan 1 through March 19. Used to do it. My regular totals steadily inched up the time that is entire. I have additionally started monitoring my meals. total discomfort. nonetheless it assists. I am maybe not attempting for almost any special meals regime, simply keeping the quantity reasonable. The diet and exercise company is such as for instance work together with my task. I will be cooking a bit more. I will the supermarket and purchasing food to cook–fewer prepared foods and frozen meals, though barely zero. That is all good and good, though I am completely healthy at the time of my physical–at test that is last normal. Except any particular one thing that I do not about want to care.

Dating. Dating. I can not even with the relationship. I experienced exactly exactly just what appeared like a great date a handful of weeks hence and he then disappeared. Had not gotten their telephone number. no reason that is particular. then he unmatched me personally. Bizarre and upsetting though i will be fine. Had another date by having a decent individual and we decided to go to the films on Sunday. He could be okay nevertheless now i do believe he might become more interested than i’m. I became dreaming about buddies. but we are going to observe how it plays away.

I suppose I’ve never ever been quite because keen on work as all of this nonsense that is personal. Or is work the nonsense? I’m just longing to have a big amount of time down. days or months or something like that. I would like to stop and flake out and drive my bicycle on a regular basis. And possibly read all those books that are damn.

Grateful for : work where i could be a slacker at the least for some time.